InNODS is a non-profit institution aimed at promoting social development, health, and well-being around the world by defining new lines and methods of organization and collaboration among agencies from different fields such as urban planning, public safety, justice, community health and education, environment, social and health research,  at local and international levels.


The Institute provides applied research and methodological designs to improve cost-efficiency, effectiveness, and citizens´ satisfaction. 

InNODS was born in 2010 as a shared space to meet the needs by several agencies and institutions from different countries to make possible merging multiple partnerships in common projects and programs.



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The Institute

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It also provides international expert support and advising in program design and evaluation, implementation of systems and procedures, and training of new specialists and roles on the new methods.  As a basic framework, it uses a consortium model of work and collaboration among teams and networks of private and public entities from different countries and disciplines.