InNODS promotes knowledge above all by fostering, diffusing and sharing new models and experiences around the world.




Some of the scientific and methodological grounds of InNODS come from the background knowledge of InNODS members, available in on-line publications, with topics such as:


· Governance models for public safety and community management.

· Comparative Public Safety Applied to a Diverse Society.

· Practitioner´s Handbook on Public Safety Applied to a Diverse Society.

· Sustainable territorial development based on local knowledge value chains and networks .

· Integrated land planning of ecocultural development in a coastal territory.

· The Governance of Public Safety and Justice in the Diverse Society (pdf version) (epub version).



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The International Congress on Public Safety in a Diverse Society released a set of four International Guidelines, elaborated by experts, practitioners, and citizens from over 10 countries. 


- International Guidelines on Public Safety in a Diverse Society

- International Guidelines for Governance in a Diverse Community

- International Guidelines for Non Discriminatory Public Safety Practices

- International Guidelines on the Protection of the Universal Right to a Home



Here you will keep having more information on applied methods on organizational and inter-organizational change to improve services to diverse communities and citizens.

Training material


During the Sustainable Safety Governance (SSG) programme a series of workshops were delivered on issues such as:


· Skills for inter-agency teams

· Local Governance

· Practitioners´roles in a diverse society

· Collaborative leardership

· Inter-organizational development