InNODS is setting up frames of programs for networks of inter-organizational projects by connecting local and international collaborative chains.   InNODS develops these programs in two areas of innovation: Social Area and Health Area.


Social Area


The International Program on Research, Development, and Innovation on Community Governance is developed with partners from public and private institutions working on innovative practices in countries such as Brazil, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and United Kingdom.


A project within this program deals with Models of Community Governance for Justice and Safety in a Diverse Society, including a development and exchange of innovative experiences and good practices on inter-agency organization and community participation in public services, in combined areas of public safety, justice, urban planning, and environment.




Programs and Projects

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Other project promoted by InNODS is the creation of a European Programme of Ecocultural Research and Development for a territorial development planning based on ecocultural value chains and networks.  The Programme will promote the identification, management, and development of local knowledge by companies and communities and their social, cultural, and ecological connectivity.  They will be used as axes of innovation and job creation, through inter-preneurism, adding quality values to European services and products in the World.   



Click here to have a small summary of the main programme, and the examples of Madrid (Spain), Belem (Brazil) and Berlin (Germany).  You may also have a full access to the projects Sustainable Safety Governance implemented in Arganda del Rey (Spain) here.

These projects are promoted by the Justice and Safety Community Programme (JSCP) and InNODS, with the participation of a large number of institutions, many of them already involved in previous projects of the JSCP. The Programme uses a model of consortium and partnership for shared projects of collaboration and governance of public safety and justice, based on integrated community services.  The Programme started from the European project “Security in Diversity”, and a pilot Public Safety Community Programme in Madrid (Spain).

Merging areas (safety, justice, urban planning, environment, education, health…) into integrated systems of territorial management in each place will allow us to create a network of Lands of Governance in Diversity, interconnected in geographical axes of sustainable development.  The Governance in Diversity programmes include a combination of innovative models and evidence-based good practices in integrated management centred in the citizen that simplify structures of public administrations, improving cost-efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of citizens and public officers.  These models also have the ability to guarantee that public services reach all citizens, especially to those who need them the most. 

The Programme on the Protection of the Right to a Home is an example InNODS is working in within the “governance in diversity” approach. The Home Programme guarantees home to all residents of a city through a local governance system, with a minimum cost to the public administration.  The Programma is based on the International Guidelines on the Protection to the Universal Right to Have a Home, developed within the European project Security in Diversity. .

The Health Area is located in the Clinic for Preventive Health, health centre with services on predictive diagnosis and health planning, management and preventive treatment centred in the person and family in their own community.

InNODS promotes international consortiums developing models of Integrated Management in Community eHealth, to guarantee a preventive health to all citizens through home– and community-based services, reducing the huge costs of the current health systems.

The Eco-Physiological Data Library is an ambitious cross-cultural research and innovation programme including all sorts of biosocial information related to health and diseases, that may help researchers, health practitioners and centers to contrast their information on different cases for better prediction and prevention of health disorders, and health management.

Health Area


InNODS promotes research, development and innovation on health, understood as a means to promote integral persons who integrate environments. Conflicting  environments lead to a conflicting physiology an vice-versa. InNODS is promoting international collaborations of interdisciplinary research projects to diagnose and predict “eco-physiological” disorders.  New technologies allow to take into account different types of information (ecological, social, psychological, biological, physiological..), and to analyze the dynamics among them in order to better predict and prevent  pathologies and to promote health of individuals and ecosystems.